The Blizzard of 2003

Tuesday night is started snowing. I mean - snowing. Being in the basement (like the good pathetic geek I am), I didn't know that until the weather broke in on the TV show I was watching. I went upstairs at 9:10 pm to find that since 6pm there had been over 7 inches of snow (there was even "thundersnow").

My neighbor (the same one, yep) wanted to borrow the shovel. She said she was being buried alive. So I let her, but then decided to grab the cameras (both good one and crappy digital). She even made a "snow angel" (shot with the good camera). And we both nearly got blown over by the 50+ mph wind gusts.

At 10:15pm the NWS here announced to all a Blizzard Warning until 5am. What fun. So here is the "Great Blizzard of 2003" (according to the stupid news here)


Leonid Meteor Storm? Or Snowbunny Lost?


30 Seconds Later - There she is!!


The Next Morning - Buried Alive!!!


Shoveling Out!!


Winter's Last Gasp! (We hope)