Links To People On The Web

I've put an area on here for my Friends who have websites. Many of them use their sites to show what they are interested in. Some of them have the same hobbies as me, and some do not. I guess that's what individualism is all about, right?:) Please peruse at your leisure. Obviously I take no responsibility for the subject matter on these sites.

James B. Barclay - Director, Kingaroy Observatory - Australia
Richard S. Bell - Astronomy
Jacob L. Bourjaily - Physics, Mathematics, and Nuclear Engineering
James S. Foerch - Musician, "Blue Water Ramblers"
William C. Millar - Author & Professor, Grand Rapids Community College
William H. Sanders - Professor, University of Illinois
Thomas B. Slager, Jr. - Photographer, "Dynamic Impressions"
Keith V. Snedegar - Professor, Utah Valley State College
Michele A. Stark - Staff, Swift Gamma Ray Burst Explorer