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Film Music

One of the things that assists in these emotions is the music in the film. It enhances the experience. It sometimes clues the audience into what is coming, or what the feelings of the scene/characters are. Such themes and motifs are commonplace, an are an ingrained part of the cinematic experience.

Here you will find links to many pages dealing with both movies and the music in them. Film Music is a genre all it's own, and in many instances these scores work just as well apart from the films they were composed for.

While the "popular" music - Rock, Country, etc. - and it's artists (I won't get into the other crap that passes for "music" nowadays) - may come and go, the composers of film music have been well know for years longer. They attain, at times, the status of "maestro" or the like, being compared to the composers of classical music. Names like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky are examples of classical masters. In the film music world, you have the greats of Goldsmith, Herrmann, Korngold and Williams. The parallels are there to be observed, if one wishes.

Those of us who are fans of the film music genre can be a tenacious lot, steadily standing by our favorites and dismissing those that we don't feel "contribute" to the original body of work that is film music. Of course, this happens in all music types, but is much more evident (IMO) in our world.

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