Various Sites of Interest

Here is some Stuff that doesn't really fit into it's own area. Most of the things are links to other websites, but I've got a few things of my own in there. Are they funny or not? You be the judge.

Literature | The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Misc. Stuff

48 Laws of Power | | EarthCam
For the Love of Geeks | A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys
Indiana Songs | | The Word Spy

Online Retail | Barnes & Noble | Buy.Com

Original Stuff

2001's Day Of Infamy | 2004 Transit of Venus | Blizzard 2003 | Kevin Online
My Geek Code | New Baby | STS-107 | What's On My Mind?


National Geographic | Science Hobbyist | Smithsonian Institution


Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame | Detroit Red Wings | Chicago Cubs


Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Scrubs | That 70's Show


Tucows | Maps On Us | MapQuest